Librarian In the Rye

She reads, sews, plays piano, and makes love to her boyfriend. Yep, she's Kara.

Monday, June 26, 2006


Alrighty! My name is Kara Solomon and I live in Hobart, Indiana. It's about 30 minutes from Chicago if that helps you any. I am 18 and when fall time rolls around so will college. I am broke and paying my own way, so it will have to be community IUN. I plan to go for education. The type of education is tossed in the air, but there is consideration in the Special Education department. I sew. I love to sew. I am addicted to purses. They are the best. I always want to try to get people to make me Catcher in the Rye related just because it's so awesome. I read TONS. My favorite author is obviously J.D. Salinger. I've also been playing piano for the past 10 years. I love nature. I have a huge tattoo of a tree on my inner upper arm. So love things that have trees on them...leaves..owls...etc. I am in a very happy relationship with ym boyfriend Eric. I can honestly say he completes me and he is my world. If you ever craft anything with my name on it, please make sure it's 'Karabeara' that'd make me so happy :) eric has an iguana named Fenix that I also like to call my own. I would love if someone could craft me things for Fenix. I am addicted to fabric, it's rather ridiculous. Also, I am extremely envious of those who can crochet or knit. I knew how long time ago...but now I have no idea. If anybody knits or crochets and can't sew... I'd definately do a personal swap with you! Actually, I love personal swaps and would be up for one anytime of any kind. I am addicted to swaps. I am 5'6" if you need a visual and average weight...reddish hair and blue/grey eyes. In cotton t-shirts I wear youth larges. I have a big chest, so youth medium will fit too, it'll just smoosh me.


Color: Brown, Blues, Greens
Animal/Mammal: Penguins, Iguanas, Alligators, Owls
Music: Indie
Author: J.D. Salinger
Book: Catcher in the Rye
Instrument: Piano and Cello
Drink: Gatorade
Food: Breadsticks
Soup: Lemon Rice Soup
Sweet: Ice cream
Cookie: Chocolate Chip
Town: Wheaton/Chicago
Movie: Fight Club, Royal Tenenbaums, Notebook, High Fidelity, etc.
Bands: Cursive, Bob Dylan, Fiery Furnaces, Nico, Velvet Underground, Postal Service etc.
Actor: John Cusack
Musical Artist: Tim Kasher

Colors: Purple....and I am really sick of pink
Shapes: I don't like religious things

I hope this helps you out!